Deliver a more flexible learning experience at a significant savings.

By virtualizing apps and desktops, students are able to access school resources when and where they need them.

With rapidly deployable desktops and apps, IT support staff are able to spend more time improving user experiences right from their workstations and less time moving from machine to machine and from building to building.

Staff, faculty, and students siginifcantly benefit from Agility Bucket's centralized, secure storage. All files are securely available to all devices at any time.


  • Lower total cost of ownership
  • Consistent, budgetable computing expense
  • Use existing hardware or low-power thin clients

Flexible Infrastructure

  • Maximize existing assets by re-purposing aged machines as thin clients
  • Utilize Agility Control's hybrid cloud capabilities
  • Use computing power as you need it. Scale up at peak times and scale down during slow periods.


  • Desktops available 24/7 from any device
  • Deploy new desktops in minutes
  • All files available regardless of where you are


  • Data is safe and secure in our datacenter
  • Desktops secured behind enterprise-class firewalls
  • Systems are safe and clean via nightly virus/malware scans

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