...allows IT admins to manage everything with one pane of glass.

For many IT professionals who support technology, efficiency and convenience are rare. Agility Control puts convenience and efficiency back into the work life of those who support technology. Because desktops are virtualized and access is controlled with Agility Connect, tech support professionals can now see the infrastructure that they support — all on one pane of glass.

Supporting users just got a whole lot easier with Agility Control — it puts techs “in front” of every machine that utilizes the Agility infrastructure. With two clicks, IT staff can join a user’s session and provide the needed support without leaving their own workstation. No more driving to distant sites or buildings to troubleshoot issues. Software problems can be solved remotely, saving time and money.

Agility Control empowers techs to:

  • Support users remotely with zero configuration
  • Quickly provision new virtual machines
  • Suspend or Stop virtual machines that are no longer utilized
  • Easily upgrade or downgrade existing virtual machine resources
  • Manage storage quotas
  • View networking maps for the entire virtual infrastructure

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