4th Prime Corporation

...was formed for one purpose. Provide users with an excellent computing experience that is efficient, secure and affordable.

Computing patterns have remained the same for nearly 25 years. Purchase a new computer with the latest operating system and begin using that computer. In about two years, the operating system needs to be upgraded and, if one is fortunate, the computer can still handle the requirements of the new operating system. Rarely does a machine have the initial computing power to make more than one such upgrade. When it is time for the 2nd operating system upgrade, usually one must purchase a new machine. This has proved to be a fantastically profitable cycle for manufacturers and retailers of computer hardware, but the consumer is burdened with significant costs in order to keep this cycle moving.

4th Prime was created to end this cycyle and to give users the freedom to compute on their terms with any device -- all from the safety and security of best-in-class datacenters

Based in Boca Raton, FL, 4th Prime is helping clients realize their computing goals efficiently, securely, and on-budget.

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